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Michelle Raiford has been practicing in the courtroom since 2005 handling complex divorce, custody, domestic violence, and other family law cases. With our two office locations in Seattle and Everett, we are committed to offering you unparalleled legal assistance. For us, the focus is always you and your best interests.

While addressing your individual issues, our strategy includes litigation, mediation or arbitration, negotiation, or collaboration. Raiford Law works with highly-skilled experts, when appropriate, to identify, characterize and value significant assets including stocks, real estate, business interests and retirement accounts.

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Our Philosophy

At Raiford Law, we care about families. We understand that going through a divorce or dealing with child custody issues is frustrating and stressful for everyone involved, including the children. That’s where Raiford Law steps in to help.

In cases where mediation is not achievable and litigation is necessary, Raiford Law will be ready to fight for you in court. Let us take over your legal troubles so that you can concentrate on your new bright beginnings.

Our Services

In addition to divorce, family law and domestic disputes, our legal assistance extends to the administrative, landlord/tenant, and general law legal services in Seattle and Everett. We also offer the services of filing and arguing Motions for Revision, Reconsideration, and appeals with Division I of the Court of Appeals. For those who decide to represent themselves, Raiford Law offers unbundled legal services as well.

However, when things get too complicated, a hearing or trial is approaching, or mediation is unsuccessful, we are ready and willing to get what you need when you need it the most.